Our History

In 1918, Alsayed Abdullahi Alfadil Elmahdi, grandson of the leader of the Sudanese revolution Al Imam Elmahdi, co-founded Elmahdi’s Circle with his uncle and mentor Abdelrahman Elmahdi. Elmahdi’s Circle was initiated as an agricultural group investing in large-scale projects all over Sudan in the hopes of empowering its communities through providing infrastructure and job opportunities.

The group successfully implemented over 20 agricultural projects over a total of 700,000 acres, producing cotton, sorghum, sesame, corn and many other crops. Under the leadership of Alsayed Abdulahi, Elmahdi’s Circle became the biggest and most influential company in Sudan.

In 1932, after 14 years at the helm of the company, Alsayed Abdullahi resigned as managing partner of Elmahdi’s Circle to establish his own business – Alfadil & Sons – out of which emerged Alfadil Agriculture. The company was one of the first conventional agriculture companies in Sudan with a mission to empower the people through the establishment of agricultural projects. In total, 11 agricultural projects were established across White Nile and Blue Nile State with a focus on cotton, sorghum and fruit production. Alfadil Agriculture set an example of conventional agriculture for Sudan with state of the art infrastructure and exported seeds to boost crop growth and increase the efficiency of production.

Through the work of Alfadil Agriculture, Alsayed Abdullahi cemented his role as a pioneer in the field, enhancing the country’s ability to provide competitive exports to international markets. In 1942, he began to diversify Alfadil & Sons’ activities, launching two new companies – Alfadil Trading and Duweishat Mining. Alfadil Trading was one of the first Sudanese companies to secure dealership and franchise rights, becoming agents for Fiat and Deutz, among others.

Also a pioneer, Duweishat Mining was the first mining company to be initiated in Sudan. Armed with state of the art processing equipment, by 1953 Duweishat Mining had begun producing gold bars, making it the first gold producer in Sudan.

In 2001, Alsayed Abdullahi’s grandsons revived his vision by establishing SOFEIT Group. The 9 companies that fall under the SOFEIT umbrella embody the values of excellence, expansion and community development established by Alfadil & Sons more than 80 years ago.