Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

At SOFEIT Group, we strive for continuous, consistent and sustainable growth and diversification. To do so, we work to build strong relationships with all our stakeholders, including suppliers, customers, and employees, as well as the communities in which we operate. These relationships are the key to strategic expansion, the introduction of new products to our markets, as well as identifying demand in new and emerging markets.

In this way, SOFEIT Group will march towards its vision of being a highly reputable, responsible and profitable company that is a pioneer in providing innovative products and services to its customers.

Our Values

We believe in the importance of our role in the development of our community

We believe in facilitating access to excellence, including providing short-term financing to our stakeholders

We believe innovation and ingenuity as an integral part of our business

We believe in investing in our people, our products and our community

We believe in providing our customers with access to high quality products and services in order to improve their quality of life